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Monday Motivation: The Unlikely Developers

A creative female developer working on the computer

Developers are almost synonymous with solution-driven intellectual wizards. Think…Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. They’re all developers and their rep is definitely well deserved. They have done some mystically complex stuff.

Sometimes, I’m afraid to even call myself a developer because I don’t fit the stereotype. And because of *cough*  imposter syndrome.

But if you are like me then you have spent a fair amount of time in the trenches, building things, taking classes either in college, and/or online. So, my lovelies you have earned and deserve the title of developer. Developers come in all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes. Development is one size fits all.


You may be asking yourself where is she going with all this? I’m coming to that.  If you follow me on Twitter  you may have notice that I:

  •  Like to retweet. Like a lot!
  • Share stories about self-taught developers who break into tech.

I love these stories. We need them, because we need to see developers who are relatable. Not everyone is a Computer Science grad, or has been coding since 10 (No offense if you are either, or both). And since only a select few can be a unicorns, like those aforementioned above.   I’d like to politely reminded that there are other developers like us. And they are totally relatable people who are landing jobs in technology.

Some Unlikely Developers

  1. Adrienne Lowe from Coding With Knives.
  2. Joshua Kemp 
  3. Tam Dang
  4. Melanie Pellegrino 
  5. Alisha Ramos
  6. Tia Pope
  7. Jen Myers

Consider this my Monday motivation. If you like this post and would like to see more posts like these please leave a comment below.

Let’s Get Loopy!

My programming class (and my three other classes) have kept me quite busy. I’m  learning a lot, but I found, I’m learning a lot of things on my own. We’ve covered control flow statements (if, else if, else, and loops), casting, parsing strings, formatting, and a bunch of other things.  For the past two weeks our main focus has been on loops, well…at the very least out last few labs have been all loop related.  And I can definitely understand why we’re devoting more time to this. Loops can trip a lot of people up.

Since I’m mostly teaching myself, I’m always looking for additional resources online. Two weeks ago I  found a  great for loop tutorial through the York College of Pennsylvania. The CS 101 – Lecture 6: For Loops, loops recipes tutorial is written in C#, but it easily translates into Java. To be quite frank I didn’t even notice a difference. The syntax used was almost identical.

What really makes this tutorial special is how it breaks down the loops by type and suggests recipes for you to choose from (depending on what you are trying to accomplish). This loops tutorial also explains how to customize a loop, and  plan the iteration. It also provides a sample loop  for you to trace and it goes through each iteration of that loop. At the time, I was working on a lab that calculated pi with the Nilakantha series, so I found this tutorial particularly helpful.

Nilakantha  Series formula for pi:

π = 3 + 4/ (2*3*4) – 4/(4*5*6) + 4/(6*7*8)- 4(8*9*10) + 4/(10 * 11* 12) – 4(/12*13*14)…

I wanted to share this with you, because this tutorial is  pretty straight forward and perfect for anyone who wants to be able to have a better understanding of for loops or how to trace a loop, which I’m finding to be a very  necessary and useful skill to have.

Additionally, one of my classmates suggested the website Coding Bat which has coding exercises for both Java and Python.  Check it out, it’s totally awsomesauce!

That’s all for now. Have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

Week 6 -Intro to Java

I know it’s been a while, but things have been crazy. It has taken me a while to get used to my hectic schedule. I’m working and taking classes full-time. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, it’s highly stressful, but it’s worth it in the end. At least that’s what I keep reminding myself.

Anyway,  so far things have been going well in my Intro to Java class. I’ll admit there are still times when I work on a project that I  feel puzzled, but I’m feeling much more confident than before. And isn’t that what programming is really about? Problem solving? Additionally I’ve become better at nesting my if statements. I really used to struggle with that,  but now I’m A LOT better! It’s so true practice does make perfect.

I also went to the Women Who Code meetup for September , and discovered the highly addictive game 2048.  We were supposed to recreate it using Angular JavaScript, but we wasted way too much time playing and “setting up up”  our development area lol!  It was fun thought, I always meet new and interesting developers. Sometimes it’s good to just relax a bit and meet new people.

I’m looking forward to the meetup for later this month! 🙂

Intro to Programming

It’s know been a while since my last update, but I’ve been super busy with work, a small trip, and school. But, since I am taking a programming class, I will still be able to continue learning web development. 😉 There are only four girls, but that was to be expected. I know I belong in there, imposer syndrome  be damned! I am really in my element. I’m just glad that we are making our mark!

This week I was pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve learned, while teaching myself, attending meetups and workshops. We had our second class yesterday, we dove into the material. We covered strings, classes, concatenation and syntax. We also learned about common errors that occur and what they mean. Additionally, we spent a decent portion of the class learning about Base 10 (decimal), Base 2 (Bianary), and Base 16 (hexadecimal) and converting between the three. I found it a bit confusing at first, but found that using a chart made learning how to count and convert a lot easier to conceptualize.

I forgot to mention this class uses the Java programming language, which throws me off a bit. I’m used to more relaxed syntax, but I will adjust. I’m really excited about this semester and I can’t wait for my next class! 🙂

First Project

Sorry for the long absence, I had a family emergency, but everything is fine now. To give you guys a quick update a friend has asked me to work on a website for her and is allowing me full creative freedom. This will be my first website and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m planning on using a mobile first design utilizing Twitter Bootstrap. Additionally I plan on using javascript plugins to make her website more interactive. I’ll share more as I get further along in the design/development process!

my_First_MeetUp = ‘Girl Develop It’;

About five weeks ago I went to my first MeetUp. I took an Introduction to JavaScript and JQuery class through Girl Develop It. I consider myself very lucky because these workshops are difficult to get into, as they fill up extremely fast. All I can say is Girl Develop It was a truly awesome experience.  My instructor, Scott Reynolds was great. He is also a  comedian  so he kept us laughing and learning all four weeks.

We learned all about variables, loops, arrays, objects,  the DOM, methods, and  functions with a brief overview of the JQuery library and APIs. Scott also provided notes for us to refer back to anytime. And the best part our course outline was a slide show made in JavaScript just to show you all the cool things JavaScript is capable of!

I learned all kinds of fun ways to make websites more interactive. We also went over how to use the tricky this keyword, which can cause newbies a decent amount of confusion.  Additionally, Girl Develop It Meetups are a great way to meet other girls (in person) who are also learning to program. Overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait to sign up for the next workshop! 🙂