Hello World!

Welcome to My Code Journey

I’ve been haphazardly learning to code for the past five months now through Codecadamy, Treehouse, and other resources online. I have gone to a few meetups like Girl Develop It and Women Who Code. These experiences have been great, but unfortunately I have not made anything. But I have learned a lot: HTML, CSS, responsive web design, and Twitter Bootstrap, and bits of JavaScript/JQuery.

You see the problem is I have not managed to learn a true programming like Ruby, PHP, or Python in depth. Which I believe is critical  for anyone, who takes programming seriously. I’ve read so many success stories about others who learned how to program and the one theme they all had in common? Rails! Ruby on Rails is used by almost all the programming bootcamps: Dev Bootcamp, General Assembly, and The Flatiron School just to name a few.  And with good reason, Ruby on Rails is a great framework for beginners to start building things.

I could continue to spend the next few years haphazardly learning to code, or I could follow a proven road-map for success and skill attainment. I think I’ll do the later. After much  research and consideration I have chose to use the road-map carefully crafted by Joshua Kemp.

So this is my code journey, and there’s no going back now! I’m writing this blog for three main reasons:

  1. To hold myself accountable to learn/study with someone other than myself.
  2. To connect with developers and others learning to code, and hopefully teach some things along the way.
  3. Become a Ruby on Rails Rockstar 😉