Hey There! Welcome to my code journey. This blog was created from my desire to grow as a programmer.

Now a bit about me. Back in the days when PS2 was cool and Soul Caliber was the fighting game, I took my first programming class in Visual Basic. I made all sorts of cool programs (calculators, random number generators, hangman,etc), but I was afraid of moving forward, because I didn’t know if I was ‘good enough’, even though I had an A. All the cool kids new about the command line, which seemed like a scary place, if you don’t know what you are doing.  They could also program Tetris on their Ti83s. Even though everyone was really nice there was so much I didn’t know, and felt like  an outsider. Imposter Syndrome much??! What I didn’t realize was everyone experiences that. Oh, if I could turn back time!

Anyway, flash forward 10 years later I finally came to the realization that computers, programming, and technology is where my passion lies. My dream job is in development.  After reading enough success stories from others who learned how to program things finally clicked. I thought, ‘ hey I could do this. It was now or never!’ So I joined Treehouse, which solidified my passion.  Treehouse also helped push me to join MeetUps where I discovered Girl Develop It and Women Who Code.

Being surrounded by other developers is empowering and has inspired me to learn Ruby on Rails. Following the advice from Joshua Kemp’s book, No Degree, No Problem, I now have a roadmap for my journey. This blog will track all my successes and failures. Thomas Edison once said, “fail fast, fail often.”  The only way to truly learn is from past mistakes.

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