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Tech Day NY

Although I was on a bit of a hiatus from blogging, I did take time to check out Tech Day New York back in April (which was awesome btw!). I spent a few hours  wondering around the event, meeting other developers,  while receiving lots of cool swag and learning about a few startups.

I even met developers who are completely self taught. Which was good to hear, especially when all the job listings for junior developers require at least a bachelors of computer science. I also  met a lot of women! Which was great because us tech girls have to represent! Lol.  My two favorite from this event  are NailSnaps and Beau Exchange, both of which are founded by women.


Lets start with NailSnaps. So you might be wondering what is NailSnaps? And that’s easy enough to answer. NailSnaps is an app that allows you to take your own pictures and create nail wraps. Which is a really neat idea if you are into nail art, it makes life 10x easier!  You don’t have to fuss with 5 coats of nail paint or worry about smudges. Just snap and wrap! Lol

I spoke with Angel Anderson, one of the founders of NailsSnaps.  She was very sweet, bubbly and easy to get along with. Introducing yourselves to CEOs, Founders, and Co-founders, etc can be really daunting. But Angel made it easy. She was very friendly and approachable which allowed me to ask her questions  and learn more about her company. She even took time to personally demonstrate how easy NailSnaps is to use. I really respect and appreciate her humility. 


BeauExchange is another startup that I think is really cool because it focuses on multicultural BeauExchange’s mission  is to connect consumers to beauty products they might not otherwise have access to. And they accomplish this by gathering small beauty companies form all over the world and funnel them into one unique platform.

I instantly clicked with Majella Mark, who is one of the three Founders. Like me, Majella is originally from Connecticut, so we definitely bonded over that. Also we both obviously love beauty and technology. So there was that too lol. But her mission really spoke to me. I would love to see more women like myself have more access to beauty products that work for them. And if that connection comes in the form of a website, or beauty app I’m all for it! Before we parted  Majella  asked me to write a quote that she later posted on the BeauExchange twitter. I was a bit nervous but completely honored and I crafted something I felt worked with BeauExchages mission.

I really loved all the energy at New York  Tech. Being around so many positive people who love technology and want to make a positive impact was inspiring.  I look forward to my next Tech Event and sharing my experience with you!




Php and life

tea image

I know I’ve been MIA for a while. Honestly, I’ve had so many personal things going on.  From having an illness in my family to planning a friend’s bridal shower, I’ve barely had time for myself let alone time to blog.

Now that the bridal shower is over, and things have calmed down, I have space to breathe.  I can finally concentrate on my goals again. And my number one priority is learning web development!  I’ve been spending my time focusing on PHP. But Because of the illness in my family, I took some time off from my PHP studies. I do however plan on resuming in the fall. And in the interim, I’m teaching my self PHP using books.

I’m currently reading PHP, MySQL & JavaScript by Robin Nixon. So far I really like it. Just by using this book, I’m learning much more from than I ever did from any textbook assigned to me.  (It’s kinda funny how that worked out) I can’t say I’m surprised though. The O’Reilly books tend to be very well written, with lots of code examples. I highly recommend it!

I will update you with my progress as I work my way through this book. So you can look forward to fresh and more frequent post. Anyway, that’s all for now! 🙂