Monthly Archives: February 2015

Adventures in Installing XAMPP

I installed XAMPP on my computer last weekend. And overall the process was pretty cool, but a bit of a challenge for me because of Skype.

You see the problem with Skype is that it uses port 80 and 443. Which XAMPP also uses. And for an inexperience noob like me it was a bit of a headache. The cryptic messages don’t provide much help either.

Error: Appache shut down unexpectedly. This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, improper privileges,  a crash,  or a shutdown by another method. Press the logs button to view error logs and check the Windows events viewer for more clues. If you need more help, copy and paste this entire log window in the forums.

All I can say is thank the Lord for Google and  Stack Overflow!  The answers provided in the message boards  really shed light on  what seemed like a never ending nightmare of error messages.

The solution to this error message is a simple two step process which I found here on Stack Overflow. All I had to do was change the ports that XAMPP was using.

I must admit though, I had a sneaky suspicion Skype was to blame for all of this. (I’ve experienced prior issues using Google Hangouts).